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Bahr GmbH & Co. KG - Your partner for the measurement of components!

As an ideal partner who offers you a wide range of solutions from model making to 3D printing, which know how to convince with quality and innovation, we are happy to stand by your side. Our many years of experience enable you to rely on high-quality implementations that have already delighted numerous renowned customers in the industry. We would be happy to convince you with our unique designs and offer you reliable results that you will certainly not find a second time in this form in Germany. We are also a pioneer in the field of non-destructive component testing with the most modern measuring methods on the market.
Modern 3D measuring methods enable non-destructive component testing.

Nowadays, scanning methods not only make it possible to obtain more precise measurement results, but also ensure that objects do not have to be destroyed during component testing in order to implement a test. Via the 3D measurement process, special technologies ensure accurate determination of deviations that would hardly be feasible by conventional means. Even ambiguities in sizes that cannot be determined by the human eye are realized by three-dimensional, computer-aided measurements during component inspection. You too can now benefit from modern materials solutions that make it possible for components not to be destroyed during testing. This is particularly advantageous for expensive components that are to be reused in case of doubt and whose production proved to be costly. Ideally, talk to us today for individual implementations and take advantage of material testing that will lead to precise measurement results that were previously unthinkable.
In mold making, we offer you component testing that you can rely on.

If you are interested in foam molds, our segment of first-class implementations offers many possible solutions. You will also find PUR RIM molds as well as EPP/EPS particle foam molds and even vacuum thermoforming molds with us. But at least as important to us as the production of the individual molds is the precise component testing. During this material testing, we determine exactly whether the implementations meet your requirements and effortlessly withstand even higher challenges. In the end, you will only receive products that emerged from our component testing with successful results from the photo-optical measurement, so that you can always rely on the best result that underlines your high demands.
Throughout Germany, we are therefore the best and first point of contact when it comes to component testing. In addition, we also offer non-destructive component testing, where the actual formma can be preserved thanks to our special measuring methods. Use our non-destructive component testing and our material testing to leave nothing to chance.

Which test method will give you the best results with us?
Bahr GmbH & Co. KG, as an experienced company, also offers you non-destructive component testing in addition to classic material testing. In component testing, experts generally distinguish between destructive material testing and non-destructive testing. Non-destructive component testing offers you the advantage that the quality of the component is analyzed in detail without ultimately destroying it. In this way, we also set an example in terms of sustainability.
Different solutions for high-quality measurement processes
Nevertheless, in certain cases it is important to carry out material testing based on the property via destructive component testing. It is often necessary to test which loads can actually be carried out in the material test in order to achieve satisfactory final results. We offer both options and also guarantee many other testing procedures.

Fracture mechanical analysis or non-destructive component testing?
Which method you choose is entirely up to you. Whether for model making or for more advanced sectors, we measure all components via our measurement service. With photo-optical measurement and special 3D measurement methods, you receive precise test results. Our analytical methods also include bending tests of tube constructions or the so-called fatigue strength analysis.
All standards are covered by our component testing at all times
We cover more advanced component testing, such as impulse testing, via automotive. It is carried out by us according to common standards that prevail in the industry. If measurement data of deformations are desired in material testing, we reliably offer these results as well. Our analyses take into account pre-stresses and stresses during component testing and always lead to accurate implementations that our customers have been able to rely on for many years.

Get your individual quote for your material testing now
If there are uncertainties about components, component testing is the only way to exclude defects. Talk to us today about an individual material test and we will show you further possibilities that fit your requirements. In particular, non-destructive component testing is probably one of the most popular methods among our measurement procedures from which our customers can benefit. In order to realize the quality control or the determination of the cause of damage in a professional way, we are glad to be at your side as a reliable partner. We check whether cracks or inclusions are present, whether deformations occur or whether the material has sufficient strength. If fractures cannot be explained, we get to the bottom of the occurrences with precision and patience, so that in the end you can benefit from precise measurement data from our component testing. We look forward to your inquiry.

component measurement

Component measurement according to modern standards: Reach your goal with 3D component measurement

To ensure that components meet your requirements, you should not check by eye, but leave the measurement to experienced professionals who know how to convince in terms of control and analysis with years of experience in the field. For numerous, well-known customers, we carry out a component measurement that meets all the high demands and is implemented on the basis of the most modern measurement methods. Use our technologies and let yourself be impressed by a component measurement that fulfills all the services you require. With modern solutions, you get even more benefits from us, because the subsequent re-measurement with our precise measurements is no longer necessary. You have certainly never experienced more precise measurement methods, such as our component measurement, from any other company. Take the chance and let us present you with an individual offer today for component measurement or 3D component measurement.

That is why our component measurement with first-class technology offers convincing advantages

 Do you need data for your quality control that is meaningful and helps to bring your components to satisfactory results in order to ultimately produce excellent products? Then we are the perfect partner at your side, because in future we will take over all measuring processes for your components and take care of the entire process. We proceed with precision and flexibly respond to the wishes of our customers. Each measurement method can be individually adapted so that our test fits perfectly with your quality control and offers you real support for the implementation of numerous products or production processes. Never let chance rule when it comes to quality control, after all there are expectant customers who want to have an item in their hands that scores well on all levels. Even when it comes to components for machine processes, the highest degree of precision is required so that there are no safety-related problems that could potentially jeopardize your operation in terms of its profitability. For this reason, trust our component measurement, which offers you real advantages. Using the most modern methods of scanning the surface, we can show exactly whether there are any bumps or whether all components correspond to the desired specifications or whether potential improvements are necessary. Having this ability can be critical to the outcome of numerous manufacturing processes and will provide you with real support.

With 3D component measurement to precise implementations

A precise analysis is carried out via our 3D measurement, which could not take place in a high-quality manner. Every detail is captured by our 3D scan. This enables us to determine inaccuracies that were hardly noticeable with previous measurement methods. Modern technology, on the other hand, gives us better results, which is why 3D component measurement is the best choice for testing for more and more companies. If you also want a component measurement that is even more accurate than previous analyses, you are in the right place with our 3D component measurement. With the help of our 3D component measurement, you will receive scan data of the components at the end, which ensures a transparent overview of all measurements. These high-resolution data provide a perfect basis for later analysis or are used by some companies for further processing. However, they are only implemented by 3D component measurement, which we would like to present and offer you in more detail if you have previously relied on conventional component measurement. Compared to the past, measurement data is now available much more quickly. It only takes a few working days and you can already receive the results of the component measurement based on our 3D component measurement. What used to take weeks increases your production speed and gives you additional benefits. We offer you first-class results in component measurement

Our experienced measuring engineers know every work step inside out and ultimately ensure reliable and precise results that our customers want when measuring components using 3D scanning processes. If the objects are large or immovable, individual scanning methods are used, which we carry out directly at your site. With 3D component measurement, we can generally not only scan classic components, but also model parts, important constructions or tools of all kinds and deliver first-class results through scanning, which will provide you with the highest degree of precision. Let our possibilities convince you. Contact us now for a targeted component measurement with the best results

So that you too can soon benefit from 3D component measurement, you should react in good time to avoid delays in the production process. Although we carry out the component measurement quickly and satisfactorily thanks to our state-of-the-art technical specifications, if you plan early, you will receive your results even faster and can initiate important steps for further processing. More and more companies are now benefiting from our 3D component measurement and no longer want to do without this technology. Our engineers are also happy to work for you and provide you with individual support for the respective measuring methods of your objects. It is possible for us to respond to special requests and thus react flexibly, as companies expect from modern component measurement. Ideally, it is best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can make an appointment so that we can also implement your request for component measurement as soon as possible



Wenzel LH86

Measurement range: 970X800X600mm

Measurement accuracy +- 0,01mm in space





Measurement range: 2400X1200X1000mm

Measurement accuracy: +-0,03mm in space




FARO ARM-Edge 9ft

Measurement range: ca.1200mm in radius

Measurement accuracy: +- 0,03mm in space