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Using gauge manufacturing to create more structure in contract work

It is important to determine whether holes, for example, have the appropriate depth and whether angles correspond to the desired alignments. Even the observance of gaps can be of decisive importance for the goal-oriented result, which can be easily recorded in gauge construction. So that such and further guidelines can be realized, these need an analysis, as by objects from the gauge construction, which devours however enormously much time. Better is in this respect the application of gauges, as they come from the gauge construction. Gauge construction provides the basis for individual project ideas. As a successful partner, we have been taking care of gage construction for several years and thus manage to make orders more efficient. With our results from gauge construction, you also rely on quality and innovation.
How exactly does gauge construction work?

Within technical processes, a gauge from gauge construction is of central importance, because it enables the fast and efficient testing of conditions, such as surfaces or distances and much more. To ensure that this is not done on the basis of eye measurement alone, the gauges from gauge construction serve as an aid. We manufacture such devices in our gage construction and offer them to companies that are looking for a suitable analysis method. The gauges are always designed individually in our gage construction, because each order requires the compliance with various conditions, which are always oriented to the respective product. With the highest degree of required flexibility, our designers in gage construction create testing devices that are convincing on a broad level and save companies a lot of time and money.

To find out whether the ACTUAL state of an object corresponds to the desired TARGET state, our gauge construction is the best method. Experts also know this diagnosis under the term of mass embodiment. It is indispensable in numerous technical fields and therefore always requires professionals who understand gauge construction and know what clients demand. If you want to simplify production processes, gauge construction offers a suitable solution. Gauge construction is also optimal if you are looking for testing that does not require time.

These functions are implemented in the gage construction: Perfect for testing the target condition.

Tolerance ranges can be defined within the design of the devices, which can again vary from order to order. Finally, it is important to note that the constructions manufactured in gauge construction are by no means measuring devices that present a result in numerical form at the end. Much more they serve only for the direct examination, which must take place fast and without long evaluation. Thus, through our gage construction support, it is easy to test the future target state of products based on their condition, without using long and time-consuming procedures for this purpose, which would lead to high additional costs.
Different implementations in gage construction for various types of orders
Which objects are implemented in gage construction depends solely on the specifications of the respective order, which can always differ. Gauge construction is often used to create a testing device that serves to ensure the quality of operational processes. Thereby, the target condition of surfaces or heights can be easily checked. Alignment gauges or control gauges also exist within gauge construction. The testing of angles is also a task that is gaining in importance in gage construction. Such gauges can furthermore be utilized to check crucial specifications of axes or are considered as setting out gauges. 

Depending on the project, the gauges in gauge construction are always implemented in different ways.
Why does stability play a decisive role in gauge construction?
We often experience that gauges in gauge construction have to be manufactured to withstand high pressure. This requires a high-quality material, which is of course always adapted to the respective requirements in gauge construction. Even against fluctuating temperatures, the results in gauge construction must defy. Various material structures are used in gauge construction, such as aluminum or plastic. Which implementation is convincing is discussed in advance with the client in gauge construction.

This is why we are the number one gage builder for you
If you would like to place gauge construction in experienced hands, we are the perfect solution for your order. In doing so, we precisely take care of products from gauge construction in cooperation with you as the client, which meet your requirements. More and more companies benefit from our gage construction. Our competence is our flagship for gauge construction. Do not waste any time in your search for a partner for gauge construction and contact us today. We will show you the high-quality results that gage construction can offer.

attributively gauge Frontspoiler


Attributive Gauge of vehicle interiors


Attributive prototype gauge


Efficient test gauges that work with precision

Exact results with the highest stability, even in extreme situations, characterise our test gauges. With our test gauges, you can rely on first-class gauges that also meet your requirements. You can rely on a high level of expertise and many years of experience in the construction of test gauges. In addition, we offer you the best test gauges for the control of product processes, which also know how to support your business. We also use the most modern construction methods in the manufacture of our test gauges, which ensure a high degree of accuracy that is hard to find in test gauges from other suppliers. In addition, the use of 3D processes allows the realisation of complex components of the test gauges that do not shy away from any challenges.


Our testing gauges are made of the best materials for every area of application.

Many companies have already scored points with our inspection gauges. You too can use our testing gauges, for example, made of aluminium or even steel in the highest stability that suits the respective application. In addition, we also manufacture testing gauges made of plastic or those that are required for individual areas of application. For us, each test gauge represents a special task to which we dedicate ourselves with passion. Our inspection gauges can be found in a wide variety of business sectors. Wherever an inspection of objects is necessary, our inspection gauges are used.

Inspection gauges for inspection: These are the features of our inspection gauges

Use inspection gauges for preventive control and save yourself money and time. With an inspection gauge made by experts, you will be able to check processes even faster. Our inspection gauges stand above all for precision, which is required by our clients. This also includes repeat and comparison precision. Our test gauges also ensure linearity and extremely high stability. Our test gauges offer you the highest degree of flexibility, which also fits your requirements.

Score points with our inspection gauges in quality assurance at all levels

With the help of our inspection gauges, you get the best option when it comes to controlling processes. These testing gauges serve perfectly for quality assurance and thus enable quick and easy testing. Through our inspection gauges, you also measure so-called tolerance ranges, such as manufacturing tolerances. Where previously it was necessary to measure, check and calculate independently, the modern inspection gauges are used for much faster processes. This way, you can make simple statements about the condition of objects by using inspection gauges and thus save time.

React quickly to changes in processes with inspection gauges: That's why our test gauges are the best choice

Flexibility plays a central role in today's production processes. Our testing gauges support you in this. Score points with test gauges that deliver what they promise. These test gauges are convincing because we can also adapt them flexibly to changes, so that they can also be used subsequently for new processes for you. Here you can rely on test gauges that are manufactured from a single source and designers who know their trade. Together, we realise test gauges in consultation that perfectly fit your processes and support you.

Ideally, contact us today for high-quality inspection gauges

Do you want to optimise your processes and measure objects quickly? Then our inspection gauges are the best solution. Use our inspection gauges and benefit from a team of experts who will advise you and work with you to find the optimum solution. If you need test gauges, you should speak to our staff today. Simply secure a consultation on the subject of test gauges and let our test gauges convince you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your partner for attributive gauges

Are you looking for high-quality attributive gauges and a company equipped with modern technology that knows how to implement your specifications with precision? Then we are the best solution for attributive gauges that can convince in the long term. Whether flexible adjustments or high stability, we produce attributive gauges that already enrich many companies. Rely on first-class quality and leave nothing to chance, because our attributive gauges offer suitable support for numerous industries and fields of application.

What are Attributive Gauges? The definition of special gauges for certain test methods

Attributive gauges are used when a predefined dimension is to be represented. Attributive gauges can also be used to represent a predefined shape. Attributive gauges play a decisive role in the testing of TARGET and ACTUAL states. Users check whether an object to be inspected actually corresponds to the specifications of the order by means of the ACTUAL state, which often deviates from the actual state. With the help of attributive gauges, such application areas can be easily checked. Attributive gauges therefore check whether an object corresponds to the desired shape or whether it has the required dimension. Attributive gauges, however, do not produce a numerical value as a result. Instead, attributive gauges work via a test that is function-oriented. The result of attributive gauges can only be determined on a visual level. To ensure that attributive gauges meet the regulations, they are regulated. DIN and ISO standards determine which implementations the attributive gauges have. However, our adherence to standards for attributive gauges does not mean that they have no flexibility in design. On the contrary, we develop our attributive gauges together with our customers in order to achieve the desired result of the attributive gauges.

Can individual implementations of attributive teachings also be created?

Teachings, such as attributive teachings, must always be adapted to the conditions of an object. In almost all cases, it is therefore necessary to produce attribute gauges individually. Each new order, each new test therefore requires the creation of new attributive gauges so that the test can actually lead to a result. If you therefore need a communicative team of experts that is also on hand for changes and adjustments, we are the right partner at your side with our attributive gauges. We create attributive gauges that are suitable for each individual, specific analysis. Our attributive gauges can already be found in numerous industries. Take advantage of our high level of expertise in attributive gauges and convince yourself of our results.

Attributive gauges measuring characteristics in the highest quality: Attributive gauges for rapid testing

Our attributive gauges are used for fast testing of all kinds of processes. Our attributive gauges offer a wide range of customisation options that also support your requirements. If you are interested in attributive gauges that score in the long term, our attributive gauges are always the best choice. Attributive gauges from other manufacturers only rely on modern implementations to a limited extent. We, on the other hand, also use modern means for the construction of our attributive gauges in order to emphasise precision. Manufacturing processes with 3D technology result in attributive gauges that are more accurate. It is important to use attributive gauges that have such features in order to obtain optimal results. Therefore, if you need attributive gauges, you should come directly to us. Contact us now on the subject of attributive gauges and we will discuss how to proceed.

Gauges in the automotive industry: Rely on the best quality assurance support.

When gauges are required in the automotive industry, you should use accuracy. We know how important precision is for gauges in the automotive industry. Only through it is exact testing possible. As an experienced company with well-known customers from various industries, we also successfully offer gauges for the automotive industry that simplify measurement and testing and thus make production processes faster. Within vehicle construction, you should therefore trust our gauges for the automotive industry, which score points across the board. Gauges in the automotive industry are becoming increasingly important, because many components are individually manufactured in small quantities for special models or have yet to prove themselves on the market. This is when our gauges in the automotive industry come into play.

We are your company for the right gauges for the automotive industry.

Whether for general testing or for measuring, our gauges in the automotive industry already support many companies. If you also want to inspect individual parts, our gauges in the automotive industry offer the best basis. The gauges in the automotive industry are used in various working environments for passenger cars. Our gauges in the automotive industry are also in demand for more advanced vehicles. Especially in agriculture, gauges in the automotive industry require a high degree of innovation and flexibility. If gauges in the automotive industry are required to test unusual objects in this segment for new fields of activity, we are also the best contact for your needs here. We also take care of gauges in the automotive industry that are a challenge for other companies. This is made possible by state-of-the-art techniques that implement gauges in the automotive industry that work more precisely than previous gauges. In addition to agricultural engineering, our gauges in the automotive industry are also a good support for testing components in commercial vehicles of all kinds, from trucks to forklifts or even construction vehicles. If you are looking for gauges in the automotive industry that also test unusual objects, you have come to the right place.

These gauges in the automotive industry know how to convince:

Gauges in the automotive industry, which support an entire industry to the highest degree because they are used to test important elements, can also be found for the construction of buses, for example. Here, too, we offer gauges in the automotive industry that impress with precision. The same applies to spare parts for trucks. You also need gauges in the automotive industry where users do not expect any compromises. The spectrum for gauges in the automotive industry is broad, because it includes cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers such as motorbikes. Especially in the latter category, more and more users find themselves looking for gauges in the automotive industry that have a high degree of accuracy. Our gauges in the automotive industry meet exactly these standards and score with quality. If you are looking for gauges in the automotive industry that are flexibly adaptable, we offer you the optimal basis.

Gauges in the automotive industry with individual properties and tolerance ranges

As with all gauges, gauges in the automotive industry also offer an individual tolerance range. Our gauges in the automotive industry can be specially adapted to the requirements of the order. This means that you get gauges in the automotive industry that serve as an inspection system that also serves production processes in terms of speed. Where previously only inaccurate gauges in the automotive industry were possible, we offer gauges in the automotive industry that provide solid support on several levels, as our gauges in the automotive industry are precisely manufactured. Talk to us about gauges in the automotive industry and we will show you other possible applications. Our gauges are already used in the automotive industry for door panels, for example. Our gauges are also in demand in the automotive industry for vehicle centre consoles or other components. Our gauges in the automotive industry focus on quality. Get an individual offer for gauges in the automotive industry now and benefit from our expertise.


Our experience with attributive gauges, inspection gauges, gauge construction and the automotive industry

Due to the increasing importance of quality control for decades, especially in the automotive sector, we took our first steps in the field of manufacturing manual attributive gauges 20 years ago. Over the years, we have been able to build up a very good reputation in this field and acquire regular customers accordingly. Today we supply our gauges worldwide.

With our manufacturing capabilities and expertise, we can supply gauges for small plastic components through to gauges for rear and front spoilers. We can also manufacture your alignment gauge for sheet metal formed parts (e.g. shielding plates, engine mounts, etc.) as well as gauging fixtures for repeatable measurement on the measuring machine.

Bahr GmbH & Co. KG is not only a manufacturer of manual attribute gauges. Rather, we consider the holistic process of quality control, specified by the requirements of the product (individual parts or assemblies).

Quality control as a holistic process

We are aware that the recording concept of the measuring system and the recording of the coordinate measuring machine must be coordinated with each other in order to achieve a meaningful correlation. For this reason, it is our concern to be able to provide you with a harmonious overall concept. After all, the high quality of your products should be guaranteed with our help.

Quality control: A guarantee of success for long-term partnerships

In today's competitive landscape, it is crucial for companies to stand out through continuous quality improvement and to remain attractive partners in terms of quality assurance in the long term. One company that successfully follows this path is Okulus, founded by David Bahr.

David Bahr and his team at Okulus have developed outstanding expertise in quality control over many years, focusing on continuous development and market observation. This strategy has made Okulus a reliable and sought-after partner in quality assurance.

A key factor in Okulus' success is its many years of developing and optimising its own software solutions. These customised tools enable the company to master the specific requirements and challenges in quality control and to achieve unsurpassed precision.

A particular innovation of Okulus is the intelligent combination of camera and laser technology for component inspection. By using the latest technologies and algorithms, Okulus is able to detect errors and defects at an early stage, which not only reduces the reject rate but also increases overall efficiency.

The high precision and efficiency of Okulus' quality control systems are a result of its passion for innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence. The company continuously keeps its finger on the pulse to ensure that its solutions are in line with the latest technological developments.

As a partner in quality assurance, Okulus is able to offer customised solutions for various industries. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, electronics or manufacturing industries, Okulus' quality control builds trust with customers and partners alike.

In summary, Okulus is a pioneer in quality control thanks to the vision of David Bahr and his team. The combination of continuous development, the use of proprietary software solutions and state-of-the-art technologies has made Okulus a trustworthy partner that remains an attractive partner in quality assurance after many years.

Since this method offers so many possibilities, we have dedicated a separate section on our homepage to it. Feel free to take a look at the tab "automated quality inspection" and learn more about the possibilities of this exciting field or contact us and describe your problem, we will be happy to find the optimal solution.