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First-class measurement recordings by our team of experts!

In order to realize the testing of components, you need a measuring fixture, which ensures that the object is fixed. Often, the measurement recording only fulfills standard requirements. If you do not want to do things by halves, you should come directly to us. We are the experts for a measurement recording that offers everything you need for an accurate inspection with a wide range of designs. Our measuring fixture provides you with the perfect foundation for fixing elements without the risk of slipping, which is not uncommon with a conventional measuring fixture.
What is the purpose of a measuring fixture and why is the measuring fixture important in testing?

To prevent components or products and elements from slipping during the actual test in the measurement process, you need a design such as the measurement fixture. The measurement fixture holds parts firmly in place and fixes them. Thus, fixation by a measurement fixture enables more accurate measurement without deviations. A measurement fixture is often custom made because it needs to hold different parts in place. So that the measuring fixture can be designed to meet diverse specifications, it is implemented according to the order request. The reproducibility of a measurement recording is also important. If this takes place, it can result in a series measurement, which saves a lot of time and money.
Time saving by a measurement recording: With our measurement recording to the analysis
Therefore, if you want to keep the budget of the measurements lower, a high-quality measurement recording offers a good option. You should make sure that the measurement fixture has no characteristics of slipping and actually fixes components. We know what our customers want from a measurement fixture and therefore only manufacture models that meet such high requirements. You too can benefit today from a measuring fixture that is specifically used for your individual applications. Our team of experts is looking forward to your request for a measuring fixture.

A high-quality measurement recording supports measurement reliability in the long term
In order to avoid having to align every single element, reproducing measurements is an advantage that is realized with a stable measurement fixture. The fixture is of particular importance in this respect. If the measuring fixture is then adjusted once, a series measurement can be carried out, which makes the application of the measuring fixture more successful than if components always have to be reinserted. Anyone who wants to reduce measuring times is therefore right to use such a measuring fixture. It also comes into its own when several components are to be inspected at once using the measuring fixture. It is important that the measurement recording not only saves time, but also permits analyses of consistent quality. This is always the case with our measuring fixture, because we design the measuring fixture with the highest accuracy, which serves to support the measuring reliability.
Measure any number of parts with a high-quality measuring fixture
Do you need a high-quality measuring fixture that can measure any number of parts? Then you should contact us today. We can offer you a measurement fixture that significantly reduces the time factor. Test many components with a measurement fixture manufactured by us and still focus on measurement reliability. Our test fixture makes this possible. 

We would also be happy to realize an individual measurement recording for you that leaves nothing to be desired. Talk to our employees immediately about a measurement recording that meets your requirements.