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Non-contact quality control

An intelligent combination of camera and laser technology in one software.

In order to remain an attractive partner in terms of quality assurance in the future, it is essential for companies to continuously develop and observe the market. A pioneer in this field is the company Okulus, founded by David Bahr, with many years of experience in developing its own software. Okulus relies on the intelligent combination of camera and laser technology for component inspection and offers outstanding optical component measurement.


The photo-optical measurement of Okulus provides you with a trend-setting procedure that you will not find a second time. The measurement work is of the highest quality and ensures that the required standards are met in production. Numerous companies have already benefited from the precise tests and successfully implemented their project ideas.

With our expertise, you benefit from the best measurement work for your production. Via photo-optical measurement, we offer you a forward-looking procedure that you will not find anywhere else in this design. The optical measurement of components is an essential step in the production process, which must always be given the highest degree of recognition, because after all it is the guarantee of the required quality. Our measurement work has helped numerous companies to successfully realise their ideas on the basis of precise testing according to the desired requirements.

Photo-optical measurement not only enables the detection of surface defects, but also the detection and inspection of bores, elongated holes, contours and measuring points. With this comprehensive procedure, you can ensure that all relevant parameters of your components meet the desired requirements.

Whether you need to check the exact position of holes, measure the length of oblong holes, analyse the contours of components or detect specific measuring points - photo-optical measurement offers you a comprehensive solution for precise measurement work.


With optical component measurement, you can guarantee outstanding production.


Rely on optical component measurement if it is important to you that perfection and precision are in harmony. Photo-optical measurement detects every deviation and is considered the best way to carry out measurement work quickly. Therefore, if production is not to come to a standstill, photo-optical surveying is the best choice. For optical building surveying, we offer you numerous ways that also fit your, individual requirements. Don't let time go to waste, because as we all know, time is money and should not affect your profitability. Instead, trust our experienced engineers to assist you with measurement work that leads to accurate determinations.

For this reason, photo-optical measurement is the best choice for your project.

Equipped with the best software solutions, photo-optical measurement is ready for you. Camera lenses precisely capture the components and scan them accurately. As a result, defects on the surface of materials, such as deformations or fractures, are immediately detected. Your advantage here lies in the prevention of defects that have crept into the production process but were often hardly detected or detected too late. So that you can build on a procedure that supports the production process right from the start, photo-optical measurement is a successful solution that many companies use to safeguard themselves. Often, even the smallest deviation is a problem for the successful continuation of production. To prevent these from occurring in the first place, you should only have optical component measurement carried out by professionals. Our employees are trained experts in the field and will be happy to demonstrate to you the advantages of such an analysis via photo-optical measurement. Take advantage of measurement work that leads to excellent results and detect errors before it is too late. In many implementations, deviations can not only be annoying, but also become a danger. To prevent this, measurement work must be used at an early stage and be as precise as possible.

Use photo-optical measurement for particularly precise results

Reliable and precise, photo-optical measurement has been used by us for years when it comes to optical component measurement. Our measurement work covers a wide range of solutions and is used for both small and large objects. Our measuring room is equipped with the most modern and innovative analysis methods for optical component measurement according to the latest technical specifications. Photo-optical measurement can even detect inaccuracies as small as 0.02 mm, which the human eye can hardly perceive. The scan tells you everything you need to know about the surface condition and detects deviations immediately. For this purpose, our scan data sheet at the end of the measurement work provides a suitable basis for implementing further processing.

We are the first point of contact for your measurement work


Are you looking for a partner for solutions in measurement work of all kinds, who convinces you with his experience in the field of component measurement? Then we are at your side and help you to detect deviations on workpieces and other objects at an early stage by means of optical component measurement. If components have to interlock, deviations may only have a small tolerance, otherwise the function is prevented. Photo-optical measurement enables state-of-the-art inspection. Optical component measurement offers you the best support for a variety of production processes. For example, you can also use our optical component measurement when measuring tools or model components. The size of your components does not matter to us at first, because we realise individual measurement work for each client, which fits the respective requirements and only achieves the desired results in the end via this optical component measurement. Our team of engineers will explain the available options to you in detail and thus offer you a high degree of reliability through photo-optical measurement, which you have not yet experienced in this form.

Find out now about further, individual measurement work.

Optical component measurement offers a wide range of possibilities as a basis for measurement work. With photo-optical measurement, you ultimately obtain results that are significantly more precise than was the case with conventional component measurements just a few years ago. Optical component measurement focuses specifically on technology and scanning methods that scan surfaces precisely and thus detect defects more quickly. It is best to use our optical component measurement service today and benefit from measurement work that suits your requirements. Professional, modern and reliable, we offer quick results at fair rates and accurate measurement work. Contact us today and talk to our engineers about how to proceed.