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We are a leading company in the fields of:

Inspection gauges, non-contact component inspection, measurement services, assembly fixtures, mold making foundry model making, gauge making, 3D printing and prototyping, measurement recording.


Three generations of experience as a medium-sized company for your project.


With our manufacturing capabilities and expertise, we can produce products tailored exactly to your needs.

Rather, we consider the holistic process, specified by the requirements of the product (individual parts or assemblies).

Over the years, we have built up a very good reputation in this field. We have gained many regular customers over time. Today we even deliver our products worldwide.

A trusting, personal cooperation is very important to us.

Our service spectrum



  • Attributive gauges
  • Testing gauges
  • Gauges automotive industry

Component inspection

  • - Component measurement
  • - 3D component measurement
  • - non-destructive component testing
  • - non-contact component testing
  • - material testing

Measurement fixtures

  • Measurement fixtures
  • Testing in the measurement process
  • Focus on measurement reliability

Assembly devices

  • Assembly automation
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Gluing fixtures

Measurement services

  • measurement services - photo-optical measurement
  • photo-optical measurement
  • optical component measurement

Mould making

  • Foaming Molds
  • PUR RIM Molds
  • EPP/EPS particle foam molds
  • Vacuum thermoforming molds

Pattern making

  • - conventional foundry patterns
  • - milled patterns
  • - individual projects
  • Milled parts & 3D printing

  • contract milling work
  • Single parts
  • small workshops
  • 3D printing parts